5 BILLION dollar Super Yacht...

Yes, I said 5 BILLION. This is insane, 5 billion bucks!

" Super expensive yacht by Stuart Hughes costs $5 billionStuart Hughes costs $5 billion

A yacht is not any other way of commutation; rather it’s a magnificent way to show your wealth. One who can afford would certainly look for classiness in mega yacht that fulfills all your desires as you plunge into the harmony of the blue seas. Earlier we have seen many super luxury yachts like Oculus luxury yacht, Annaliesse yacht or some of the most expensive yachts in the world. To add to this outstanding list, Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, U.K. has created world’s most unique yacht History Supreme (Baia 100 Supreme) for an anonymous leading Malaysian businessman.

This majestic yacht is made of 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum and took around three long years to get completed. This 100 ft. beauty features dining area, deck and anchor etc., made using real precious metals. The main sleeping area is kept festooned with platinum accents. The base of the yacht is wrapped with solid gold and the wall feature is specially crafted from meteoric stone along with genuine dinosaur bone shaved in from the raptor T–REX. This super expensive yacht costs £3 billion (about $5 billion).

Yacht is not the only thing that has been done by Stuart Hughes; he has successfully tried his hands on many expensive things like blinged iPhone, worlds’ most expensive iPhone wallet and the world’s most expensive suit and many more. "