Auto Salvage Association Launched car models

The region's Automobile Inspection Maintenance Association, Korea's Automotive Tuning Association and the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency also support the event. At the exhibition, visitors can expect to see a number of exhibits relating to the automobile industry including newly launched car models, fine tuned popular automobile models and other vehicles.

Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini

A few weeks ago we had a very nice interviewer come in to take a look around our showroom, she did an awesome feature for Symbolic for an online magazine. Feel free to take a quick look, it's a great write up!

Airbrush Skull Stencils

devil_skull_airbrush_stencilSkull Devil Airbrush Stencil

skull_airbrush_art_stencilsSkull Devil Airbrush Stencil Picture

/punk_skull_airbrush_stencilPunk Skull Airbrush Stencil Picture

airbrush_stencil_skull_headSkull Head Airbrush Stencil

stencil_skull_airbrushClassic Skull Head Airbrush Stencil

Versace Edition LP640

It's finally here! Going out for photos today, then heading out to the customer. 

Bentley Continental GT launch event!

The new Bentley GT is here! Last night we had a huge success with our launch event, the Grand Del Mar was packed! We can't explain how happy we are to have such great customers and supporters. We hope that everyone had an amazing time last night and we hope you enjoy the photos!

As you looked from a distance you could see the bright and vibrant paint on the new GT, the spot lights made the cars glimmer and shine.

We had one of our Mulsannes on display as well, stunning in white.

The new Bentley GT!

The main entrance to the lounge.

As the night went on, more and more people started to show up. This picture was taken around 6:30pm, the event went on until 9:00pm and by the end of the night it was a full house.

The food was absolutely fabulous! Everyone had to go back at least twice.

Music was pumping, people were moving, everyone had a great vibe going the entire night.

We want to thank everyone who attended, and we hope you all had a fantastic time!

Symbolic gets featured!

We had a few writers come in the other day and take a look around at our dealership, they did a nice feature on their website. Take a look!

Another feature.

Real Predator Face Airbrush Design on Car

Real Predator Face Airbrush Design on CarReal Predator Face Airbrush Design on Car View

Real Predator Face Airbrush Design on Car HoodReal Predator Face Airbrush Design on Car Hood Detail

2011 Opel Corsa Custom Airbrush

2011-Opel-Corsa-Custom-Airbrush-FrontSporty Airbrush Design on Opel Corsa Front View

2011-Opel-Corsa-Custom-Airbrush-BackSporty Airbrush Design on Opel Corsa Back View

2011-Opel-Corsa-Custom-Airbrush-TopSporty Airbrush Design on Opel Corsa Top View

Tribal Custom Airbrush on Opel Corsa OPC With 320 PS

Opel-Corsa-OPC-with-Airbrush-Art-TuringTribal Custom Airbrush on Opel Corsa OPC Turing View

Opel-Corsa-OPC-with-Airbrush-Art-SideTribal Custom Airbrush on Opel Corsa OPC Side View

Opel-Corsa-OPC-with-Airbrush-Art-FrontTribal Custom Airbrush on Opel Corsa OPC Front View

Opel-Corsa-OPC-with-Airbrush-Art-BackTribal Custom Airbrush on Opel Corsa OPC Back View

At least three reputable auto Show girls

Women are considered as more responsible in general life. No wonder that car insurance companies consider female as safer driver over male. Well, this isn't just assumption but this is proven fact derived from the data these companies analyze over years. Insurance companies consider themselves at lower risk while insuring a woman driver, because these drivers are less likely to get involved with accidents while driving.