Team Olsson, absolute insanity. :: Video ::

Jon Olsson (Professional Skier) is one of the craziest guys that I have ever seen, his videos off of Vimeo/YouTube are just pure insanity. He really knows how to drive his cars, he has an LP670SV along with a few other toys that he just rips on whenever he feels like it. I recently saw a video of him driving through a lake with his LP670, pretty much bringing water over his roof, he made it through the water with out a problem. You can see that video if you click here! Really shows that he likes to push his cars to the limit, even when risking his life is a factory... he still seems to enjoy it!

This video is just an entire different story, seeing him PASS a Bugatti at that speed is just outright crazy. I could only imagine the feeling of driving this fast on public roads let alone coming out of a tunnel like a bat out of hell, your adrenaline must be pumping like crazy with these high powered cars.

I love his videos because of the quality, not only in the video but the time that goes into making the transitions, music and editing. It really makes the video more entertaining, big props goes out to his film makers.

My palms are sweaty from just watching this! Enjoy this video while I try and lower my heart rate...

GUMBALL 3000 2011 from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

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